Danacode is a unique numeric commercial book identifier used mainly in Israel.

Danacode book numbering system was initiated and is conducted by Dana Systems Ltd Which maintains a central database for books and publications published in Israel.



Danacode’s 11 digits format is represented in UPC-A 12 digit barcode label that includes a check digit at its rightmost. The 11 digits consist of 4 digits Publisher identifier and 7 digits for unique Publication Identifier for that Publisher.



In Databases danacode is represented as text, 12 characters, including the check digit. Still it can be represented by 11 characters and the check digit can be calculated when needed. A very useful visual representation is a short version which puts a hyphen between Publisher and Publication numbers, ignores leading zeroes in both numbers and omits the check digit. The hyphen is used for visualization only and is not part of the danacode numbering system. Thus the danacode 080002610032 is reduced visually to 800-261003




Danacode is recognized and registered as Standard Identifier Source Code at The Library of Congress.


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